Mechatronic Circus 2017 and Digi Breakfast

Mechatronic Circus is an annual event presenting some of the most baffling devices made by students at the mechatronics courses.


Aalto Digi Breakfast  & Mechatronic Circus exhibition was held on Thursday 6 April in Otaniemi. 

Digi Breakfast presentations 

Driving Change, IT Technology Enabling the Digital Transformation of Aalto Campus
Hannes Päivänsalo, Head of IT Operations, Aalto University

Campus as a Service
Antti Tuomela, Managing Director, Aalto University Properties Ltd.

Highlights from the Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC)
Martti Mäntylä, Professor, Aalto University

Digital twin - improved efficiency and quality for machines 
Janne Öhman, CEO, Siemens Osakeyhtiö

Growth and renewal of Finnish Technology Industries
Laura Juvonen, Managing Director, Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation

Metex award was given to Raine Viitala. Congratulations!

Mechatronic Circus Exhition

At the exhibition lots of student projects were presented - some of the project work are described below. Check also news articles on Tekniikka&Talous and Sähköala (both in Finnish). 

Mixer for Concrete 3D Printer
The project aims to create a continuous concrete mixer for concrete 3D printing. Water, cement and aggregate are individually fed to the mixer, which feeds the concrete to the 3D printer. The mixer has been designed to be configurable with adjustable blade angles, gaps and number of blades, for maximum flexibility and to obtain the desired characteristics of concrete.

Selective Laser Sintering SLS
Further development of SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D-printer.  The main objective is to enable printing of multiple layers by removing shrinking and curling caused by uncontrolled cooling of the printed object. Automation between systems is improved. Temperature differences between printed object and surrounding air are reduced by adding a chamber and insulation around the machine. The chamber is also heated near the melting point of printing material.

Fully automated system to incrementally mold metal sheets into a desired shape with a round tip tool followed by reinforcement of the structure by welding. These high performance components could be used for building, for example, lightweight containers.

Moisture drone
Project demonstrates possibilities of performing top soil contact measurements using an extending arm mechanism. This kind of a system has various use cases in industrial inspections, agriculture and in other measurements unfavorable for humans.

A small scale RWV (Rotating Wall Vessel) Bioreactor for cultivation of 3D cell structures.

Food automation
Automatic soup cooking and dispensing machine. Our goal is to replace the human serving soup to customers.

GSM based phone identification for crane access
Our prototype demonstrates an easy way to log into crane through phone call. Modification of user settings are done with a text message. Possibilities for a future development for a phone identification are numerous, using application, NFC, Bluetooth or WiFi.

Aalto Linears
We are studying the performance of a permanent magnet linear motor. Motor is taken to its limits with an interactive Galton machine coin game. The goal is to see if a motor can be faster than a falling coin and collect data via internet.

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