About AIIC

Creating the microcosm of an industrial environment to build and test industrial internet applications.



Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) promotes multidisciplinary research, education and innovation. AIIC creates a world-class platform based on close encounters of manufacturing and ICT researchers and industries.

AIIC is based in Otaniemi and is part of the implementation of Aalto University’s campus strategy.

The ambition of the AIIC is to provide a superb physical and digital infrastructure including labs and working spaces for all partners i.e.

  • networking facilities, access to fixed and wireless networks (LTE/4G, 5G)
  • ubiquitous sensors for tracking activities
  • ubiquitous positioning
  • cloud and data analysis services
  • digital design and manufacturing tools covering the full life-cycle of next generation smart, connected industrial products and services
  • prototyping facilities for mechanics, electronics, SW and communication
  • capabilities for the rapid realization of physical prototypes using 3-D printing and other novel digital manufacturing technologies


What is industrial internet? 

Industrial Internet has been described as the next industrial revolution, a significant re-shaper of markets and a global impetus for growth. For the world economy the Industrial Internet presents a 30 trillion euro opportunity! 

Industrial Internet denotes the next significant transformation of industry and its products enabled by data generated from ubiquitous sensors, wireless and wired networking, cloud technologies and data analysis. Industrial Internet will manifest itself as smart and connected products enabling continuous 24/7 link between the manufacturer, service providers and the users of the products. This will create added value to the customer while providing dramatic opportunities for the manufacturer to improve performance, lower operating costs, and increase reliability. 

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